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Swan Creek


Mountain bike course opening celebration is being planned for March 29, 2014.

We are working with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance to develop and maintain mountain bike trails in the Douglas Fir Forest part of Swan Creek Park. 

The Phase 1 Plan has three focus areas: 

1. >1.5 mi cross country loop that circumnavigates the ~50 acre Douglas Fir Forest. Style: Bootcamp style, smooth and flowy, max sustained climbs and descents, optional features. Skill level: Green (entry) level and kid-friendly but fun to rip for all ages and skill levels. 

2. More advanced optional trails to extend the cross country loop to ~2 mi and provide progression opportunities. Style: Steeper climbs, more difficult terrain, more advanced features. Skill level: Blue (intermediate), but also fun for more advanced and expert riders.


3. Technical skill building zones that will descend into the clearing on the north side of the forest. Freeride skills progression lines with skinnies, drops & jumps for riders of all skill levels. Some skill building lines will be designed to enable connecting them into the perimeter loop to further extend it for an organized event, race or for a longer more challenging ride.

Swan Creek

Swan Creek Park is a 290 acre greenspace nestled on the boundary between East Tacoma and Pierce County with a salmon bearing stream, wooded canyon, upland forest, paved and natural trails, and a new community garden.



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